How many times have you used LOL today?


What did we do before LOL became such a standard in our language?  My 60 year old Dad texts me “LOL”!  I have to admit, it’s kind of strange, but then again that’s where I get my sense of humor so it’s understandable.

How many times have you text someone LOL and never cracked a smile?  It’s more like SALTS (smiled a little then stopped).  Right?!?

Why is that?  Personally I believe laughter is the best medicine.

Having a bad day?  Go search out some funny eCards (I love eCards) or YouTube videos.

I like to find the humor in as many things as I possibly can.  Sure life can suck sometimes but if you look for that one thing that is funny in the situation, it can change your whole outlook on it.

Here’s my go-to YouTube video.

And here’s my LOL Pinterest board.

Disclaimer:  Yes, serious life events happen that are awful and horrible and there is NO humor in them.  These are not the events I am referring to.


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