Missing the country


Do you ever just have the urge to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city?  I do.

I lived in the middle of Nowhere, SC for seven months last year.  At the end of my stint, I couldn’t wait to get back home where I was near four Publix grocery stores within five square miles.

Fast forward six more months and I can’t wait to get back there.  I can’t wait to sit in a white rocking chair on the porch of an all white Southern plantation home while staring at the corn field across the street.  (With a glass of wine in hand, of course)

I can’t wait to eat back straps and fresh deer meat.  I can’t wait for dirt roads and rows of planted pines.

I’m yearning for the fresh air and swamp buggy rides.  Oh, and fresh farm eggs!

I’ve always been a city girl but every now and then I want space.  I never thought I would miss it but I do.  I just miss the opportunity to just be still in this crazy world we live in.

So, tomorrow I leave for a couple of days in the country and I can’t get out of town fast enough.  (I’ve been packed for 2 days already)

Cheers to Southern living!

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